Dialog management – Bot Tutorials

Dialog management – Bot Tutorials

In my latest article I discussed NLU’s and how they can be used to classify user input in more abstract concepts like intents and entities. This is of course just the first step in building a complex conversational bot. I’m afraid we need to go deeper. Let’s explore the magical world of dialogs.

A complex system can usually be decomposed into different layers of abstraction. Every layer uses the results of the previous layer and its results are used for the next layer. A good example of such a system is the OSI-model, although never completely adopted, still provides the basis on how we think about the internet.

So what’s next? After understanding what the user meant, the bot needs to select the correct reply. This reply is based on what was said and which knowledge the bot has. Depending on the complexity of the conversation this is no easy task. Managing this is done by the so-called Dialog Management (DM)…

Source: tutorials.botsfloor.com/dialog-management-799c20a39aad

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