Building the drum

To build the drums I followed the steps on  Home Depot had most of the materials I needed.  A 4′x8′ section of 3/4″ Oak Veneer plywood cost about $45.  Before buying a whole sheet and all of the materials to build a full drum kit I recommend you purchase only as much material as you need for a single drum.  You will learn a lot when building your first drum and probably find better ways to build the remaining drums.


This image shows the materials I purchased to build a complete kit.  I took measurements with me to the store and had them cut the plywood into 5 pieces of differing sizes.  Four cuts with a 1/4″ width blade gives you 95 inches to work with instead of 96.  I had them cut the boards to the following sizes:

Board Width Drums Made
26″ wide cut Makes two 22 1/2″ circles – Bass Drum
22″ wide cut Makes two 18″ circles – Floor Tom
One 10″ circle – Splash Cymbal
18″ wide cut Makes two 16″ circles – Snare Drum
One 14″ circle – Top of Hi-Tom
15″ wide cut Makes one 14″ circle – Bottom of Hi-Tom
Two 14″ circles – Mid-Tom
14″ wide cut Two 14″ circles – Low-Tom
Various sized cymbals

I didn’t have a router and circle jig so I used a jigsaw instead.  The circles aren’t as crisp, but it got the job done.  Instead of cutting the inside diameter of the circle to fit over the top of the bucket I simply cut the diameter of the inside circle to fit exactly around the top of the bucket.  The screen is still taught once the bolts are tight.

The router would have come in handy to cut a ring in the bottom circle for the bucket to sit in, but I skipped that part too.  The bolts between the top and bottom pieces of wood have enough pressure to keep the bucket in place.

Everything else went according to the instructions and the final outcome looks like the image below.


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